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What is Lego Minecraft

Lego Minecraft is a LEGO theme based on the sandbox video game Minecraft.
The first set put into production was "Micro World", which centers around the game's player character, Steve, and one of the game's enemies, the Creeper.
Mojang started the project on the Lego CUUSOO program, which required ten thousand signatures for the project to be approved.
With the strong support of the Minecraft community, the signature objective was achieved within a matter of days, and the development of the Lego Minecraft set commenced after Lego reviewed the project.
The first set was released on June 6, 2012.

Whenvasked about Lego Minecraft's beginnings, Mojang chief executive officer Carl Manneh stated that "it was one of the first things we talked about when we started [Mojang]".
On July 17, 2013, it was announced that two additional sets would be added to the theme, based around the "Nether" and village features of the game.

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