What is Minecraft

Minecraft is a computer game, where the aim is to build cubic materials and commodities, which first must be collected and mined in the landscape where the player is located. Objects The game can be played both online and on your own computer, in the latter case by downloading it from the official website of Minecraft. The paid version has now sold more than 10 million times and more than 40 million people have registered before.

Minecraft is a sandbox game written in Java and it was initially developed by Markus Persson and today by the company he founded, Mojang AB. The official version was released on November 18, 2011 in the Netherlands, it was presented at MineCon 2011, a convention for Minecraft players, on 18 and 19 November that year took place in Las Vegas.

Steve from Minecraft
Creeper from Minecraft

Minecraft monsters

In Minecraft, we have different creatures or mobs that are controlled by the computer which include beasts, monsters and villagers. Entities are thus objects which can move on its own. With beings can be interaction. You can attack them, they can attack you (samples), you can enter or tame them (cat, ocelot, cow, wolf and chicken) and you can trade with it (villagers).

Mobs Own Creation different manieren.Spelers all mobs can offer verschijnen.De Iron Golem Snow Golem Wither and you can build. Reus, Ender Dragon, kipberijder and Spider Rider spawn by doing your commands. Cats get to tame ocelots. To have the spawn eggs you have to creative mode. Mobs see players within a distance of 16 blocks, except the ghasts, they see the player to 100 blocks and Ender Men see the player up to 64 blocks away.